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3 Great Types Of Cameras For Your Home Security System

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The idea of a home security system as just one or two wired outdoor cameras is an outdated one. Today, while cameras remain a key component, home security systems are more advanced than ever. They include a network of interconnected devices, and play a major role in keeping you and your family safe. Read on below to discover just a few types of cameras that you will want to consider when you think about how you will structure your home's security system.

WiFi Cameras

Cameras that operate using battery power and WiFi are increasingly common, as they offer much more flexibility than traditional, stationary cameras that are wired to a single power source. With a WiFi camera, you can get footage of any room in your house, and at any angle. You can use it to monitor a large basement, a baby's room, or an upstairs den. Another great benefit of WiFi cameras is that you can automatically upload footage to the cloud and then access it via your phone or computer. All of this makes for home security that is as simple and convenient as possible.

Video Doorbells

If you have a larger property, it is great to have several wireless cameras throughout your home. In a smaller single-family home or apartment, however, you may be best served by purchasing a video doorbell first. This allows you to see who is currently at your doorstep and communicate with them as needed. Even better, they can record instances of packages being dropped off (or taken), which can be invaluable in the case of a delivery mix-up. Video doorbells can also help you deal with unwanted salespeople — they will likely be deterred by having to speak to a homeowner through a camera speaker, saving you from awkward interactions altogether.

Outdoor Floodlight Cameras

If your home is in a rural area and surrounded by lots of land, you should seriously consider purchasing floodlight cameras to make sure that no one is trespassing on any part of your property. Floodlight cameras can record at all times of the day and night, and are paired with a floodlight to clearly illuminate anybody who happens to be in the immediate vicinity. While these cameras may be more costly than indoor WiFi cameras and video doorbells, they can be well worth the initial expense if you suspect there is unwanted activity on your property.

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