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Do You Need a Mesh Wifi Network for Your Home Internet?

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Having Internet access in your home is pretty much essential these days. However, the way you go about delivering the Internet to all your different devices is up to you. If you have concerns about your WiFi Internet connection working throughout your home, here are some reasons why you could benefit from using a mesh WiFi Network.

Your Home's Construction Materials Cause Interference

Your router's WiFi signal should have no problem going through most of the walls in your home to reach everywhere that you want to be. However, you may have encountered a dead zone in the past and not sure why. This is because the WiFi signal may have trouble going through some construction materials that are causing interference. For example, if the router is in the main part of your home, but you had an addition put on the back of your home, you may be having trouble getting the signal to go through the brick wall from the original framing of your home. This can cause the WiFi signal to not work or be incredibly slow. 

With a WiFi mesh network from your Internet service provider, you can extend the network so that you have multiple points where the signal broadcasts from. Set an extender in that addition and you'll have no problem getting an internet signal.

Your Home Is Very Wide

The layout of your home may be very wide, and the modem is installed at the opposite end of the home. This can cause the WiFi signal to diminish as it reaches the other end, resulting in those slow speeds or dead zones. You can use a WiFi mesh network to extend the signal over the width of the home. Then you won't have any issues getting a strong signal no matter where you are in the home.

You Want to Extend The Signal Outside Your Home

Do you spend a lot of time in your detached garage, and notice that the WiFi signal doesn't reach it? Or spend a lot of time in your backyard streaming music, and keep using cellular data because of a lack of WiFi? A mesh network can extend that network to parts of your home that a normal wireless router wasn't designed to reach. 

Reach out to home Internet services for more information about what kind of mesh WiFi router they can provide as part of your Internet package.