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A Streamlined Phone System

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A busy office place and constant movement from the front area to the warehouse where orders are fulfilled can make it difficult for you or your staff members to intercept phone calls. Combining internet service with Bluetooth devices will provide the company with a modern phone system, and this may also reduce personal phone calls that your warehouse workers make on occasion.

Use A Streamlined System

Individual phones, headsets, and wiring can clutter work areas and make it difficult for workers to maintain their productivity. With a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system, a computer, a laptop, or a cell phone will be the only device needed to stay in touch with your clients, and you and your other staff members can page appropriate people, connect with incoming callers, or connect calls to a specific department.

If you already have internet service and have been solely using it for incoming online orders, make your and your employees' jobs easier by having the business phone system tied into the devices that are already being utilized.

Keep Your Business Number

It may be worrisome to deal with the thought of missing a call, due to not having a viable phone number or needing to hand out multiple numbers for your clients to access. With an online phone system, you can keep the same number and utilize it for all internet-connected devices that are used in the workplace. You can confidently have materials printed that contain your contact information and avoid worrying about appearing to be an unorganized business owner due to a confusing phone system that is difficult for your patrons to use. 

Avoid Disruptions

Some of your employees may be mandated to stay in their work areas, but if you have allowed them to use one of the existing phones in your business during breaks and emergencies, this habit can become the norm and workers may not be as conscientious about handling their daily workload. After upgrading to an internet-based phone system, eliminate all of the handsets that were previously installed inside of the business.

Only provide information concerning the VoIP system to the people who are authorized to use it. Hold a meeting to discuss the impending change and to state that general workers will no longer have access to the phones within the business. Once you and your office or managerial staff get used to the new phone system, business transactions may be completed much quicker than they used to.